A Summer of Activities in Atlanta

Explore the "Dream Cars" exhibit at the High Museum of Art

Explore the Dream Cars exhibit at the High Museum of Art


Atlanta is one of the few cities that has endless activities for any age. Many companies are headquartered in this booming city, which gives Atlanta an eclectic mix of people and a strong economic foundation. As one of the main transportation and commerce hubs in the Southeast, Atlanta has a large impact on international business and draws many visitors every year. As a result of all the people moving in and out of Atlanta, the city has some really cool opportunities and experiences. The Daily Deal Superstore is here to inform you about what is going on around you and to offer savings on these events!

Atlanta has a lot going on this summer. Of course, the Braves are in the middle of their season right now, and catching a game at Turner Field is always a blast. The All-Star break is coming up next week, but be sure to make it out to a ballgame for the second half of the season. Whether you enjoy baseball or not, you will have a great time with friends and family soaking in a Southern experience at Turner Field. One of the cool attractions in Atlanta right now is the Dream Cars exhibit at the High Museum of Art. This exhibit is not a typical display of art; it showcases model cars that pushed the boundaries of design but never quite made it into widespread production. There are cars from nearly every big manufacturer in the exhibit, and they date from the 1930s to 2010. If you have any interest in cars, this is a must-see! The exhibit will be at the High until September, and the Daily Deal Superstore is offering a deal on tickets to this exhibit!

If you are looking for summer concerts, Tim McGraw will be playing at Lakewood on Sunday night. McGraw is one of the big names in music, even today, and he is one of the most recognized artists in his genre. He will be sure to put on a great show, along with his opening acts, Cassadee Pope and Kip Moore. If country music is not up your alley, then maybe the Under the Sun Tour will get you pumped to go to a concert. This tour features hit 90s bands, such as Blues Traveler, Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, and Uncle Kracker. While the concert isn’t until August 2nd, it’s never too early to get a special deal on your tickets for this summer blowout concert.

Don’t forget that Atlanta also has world-class hotels and some of the best restaurants in the world, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for many more deals! The Daily Deal Superstore offers savings on any need or interest that you may have and can help you make your summer in Atlanta a great one!

Weekend To-Do List: My Morning Jacket


My Morning Jacket is a must-see this summer with their unique sound and moving tunes

My Morning Jacket is a must-see this summer with their unique sound and moving tunes


Who doesn’t love summer? It’s arguably the best time of the year; outdoor activities coupled with a more relaxed state of mind. While the most of the major sports are in season later, the music scene is up and running strong with today’s most popular bands and artists out on their annual summer tours. It’s a great time to get out and enjoy the summer weather, as many bands elect to tour exclusively in summer to they can take advantage of great outdoor venues. This is important, not only because they can accommodate so many people, but because the evening time rolls into warm, electric nights that are perfect for enjoying music. This weekend’s event is highlight by the popular and talented rock group from Louisville, Kentucky- My Morning Jacket.


My Morning Jacket is known for their alternative rock genre, with roots engrained in blues and southern rock. The lead singer, Jim James (also known as ‘Yim Yames’) forms the core of the group with his deep vocals and headlining guitar skills. He plays with an amazing melodic backdrop of darker tones, with rhythmic bass and unique steel guitar runs. Formed in 1998, they have now earned worldwide fame and are big time tour runners. Their current tour also a collaboration that includes Wilco and, believe it or not, Bob Dylan.


This weekend should be a great show. Playing in Irvine, California the venue is Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. One of many around the country, they all are spectacular places to view music. They offer both covered seating as well and large, open grass lawns that prove space and fresh air- both a winning combo- especially in the summer time. It is worth a trip to see My Morning Jacket play in concert. Need a place to stay? Try here! Wanna grab a good bite to eat before hand? Here is another great deal.


Concerts this summer are always a good time, and a great way to get out and enjoy the nice weather! Traveling around and want some great deals? Check out this site: they offer incredible deals, from all over the Internet!

Fun and Sun In South Beach

Great Times in Miami

Great Times in Miami

This week’s city of the week is Miami, Florida. Located at the southeastern corner of the state, it is the states most populous. Miami is known as an international “Alpha City” as it is major player in international finance, commerce, culture, media, the arts, and international trade. It is also known as the “Capital of Latin America”. Downtown Miami and south Florida are home to the largest concentration of international banks and companies in the world, and is also the “cruise capital” of the world, hosting the most traffic via transportation and cruise lineage. Forbes in 2008 listed Miami as “America’s cleanest city” due to its year round good air quality, vast green spaces, clean drinking water, clean streets, and renowned city wide recycling programs. You can find great deals in Miami, like this one!

Because it is such a busy and diverse city, there is always something fun to do in Miami. First things first, being a coastal city, be sure to check out the beach. There is always fun and sun on south beach. Due to its proximity to the tropics, the beaches are white and the water is clear. Also, due to its tropical warm currents, Miami and southern Florida offer some of the best, if not the best, offshore fishing in the country. Great fishing charters can be found in marinas, boasting great chances to catch marlin, tuna, wahoo, dolphin, and sailfish. Love art? Miami hosts great museums and galleries including Pulse, NADA Fair, and Design Miami. Shopping is also a great as Miami has all the luxurious shops you could ever imagine. Miami is also host to a few great sporting venues. In the National Football League, the Miami Dolphins call the city home, and are the only team in National Football League history to post a perfect season (no losses) with a Super Bowl title. In the Major League Baseball, the Miami Marlins (formerly known at the Florida Marlins) just recently received a brand new logo and a stadium. In the National Hockey League, you can catch great action from the city’s own Florida Panthers- named after the elusive Florida Panther.  Like Golf? There are tons of golf courses, and great ways to play including this!

If you like to party and enjoy a night out on the town, then Miami is right up your alley also. Known for the great bar scene and electric clubbing scene, Miami is always has something fun going on. There are also great dining spots too. If you want a place to find all the best deals in around Miami, check them out here through a great deal site here.

America’s Most Charming City

America’s Most Charming City

Beautiful Charleston Harbor

Beautiful Charleston Harbor

The oldest and second largest city in the southeastern state of South Carolina, Charleston is truly a special city. Small and reserved, yet vibrant and intriguing, Charleston is a quintessential southern coastal town; rich in history while laden with maritime charm.

Chartered in in 1670 as Charles Towne for King Charles II of England, the sprawling city later adopted the name Charleston in 1783. Known as the most prominent city in the entire antebellum Southeastern United States, it had already become the fifth largest city in the country by 1690. During the American Revolution, Charleston’s economic significance as a large port city delineated it’s vitality to the infant nation; thus making it a focal point for the for conflict. Famous Battles include the Battle of Fort Moultrie, in which the British were effectively countered by surprising architecture- Fort Moultrie was constructed out of Palmetto trees- impenetrable from cannon fire. The Civil War was incepted in Charleston Harbor, when Confederate General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard fired the first shots from fort Sumter on April 12th, 1861.

Today, Charleston is a very rich and still vibrant city. It is a cultural beacon, made up of many different types including Traditional Southern, West African, English, and even French influences. Nicknamed “The Holy City” and “Chucktown” Charleston is top choice on a lot of different lists- recently named for having the most attractive people in the country, along with “Most Friendly City in the Country”, as well as “the most polite and hospitable city in the country” by Southern Living in 2011.

Charleston is also well known for its world-renowned restaurant list. From upscale dining and bed and breakfast, the world class dining scene is fueled by its booming tourism industry that brings millions to the city annually. Great Restaurants include Hymans, Pearlz Oyster Bar, and Hall’s Chophouse, and of course who can forget the best place to grab a delicious but healthy lunch (or even late night snack) Dellz Deli – a Caribbean style kitchen with the freshest, purest ingredients. Be sure to check out Daily Deal Superstore for the best deals, including these great dining deals including Brown Dog Deli and Mad River Bar and Grille. To check out all deals, be sure to visit the best daily deal site on the web!

Weekend: Dave Matthews Heads Home



Dave Matthews is known for his electric and highly energetic stage presence

Dave Matthews is known for his electric and highly energetic stage presence

While the summer end of summer is in sight, the summer music scene is still in full swing. The summer tour is the most important part of a bands or artist’s promotional marketing- it gives them an opportunity to directly interact with their fan base promoting themselves and their music, while most importantly putting on an entertaining and memorable show. Out of all the big timers on the road this summer, one in particular stands out for their electric vibe, epic jam sessions, and energetic collaborations- THE Dave Matthews Band.

Moving from South Africa as a child and setting down in Charlottesville, Virginia, Dave Matthews Band played its first show at an Earth Day Festival in 1991. From there, it was history. Only taking on year off its annual summer tour, Dave Matthews Band has toured all over the United States, and all over the world – with shows reaching Europe and Australia as well. With all these tours over all these places, its no surprise that Dave Matthews Band has earned quite the stage presence and energizing rapport that defines them.

This weekend, Dave Matthews Band lines up to play back where it all began, in their home state of Virginia. On Friday night, the line up and play in Virginia Beach, and tomorrow night they will be lining up to play in what is sure to be one of the best shows of the summer in the small town of Bristow, Virginia. Drawing in hardcore fans from Charlottesville and surrounding areas, along with crowds from the big city of Washington, DC, this show is going to be incredible. Look for long improvisations from all musicians and some extended jam sessions on classics like “The Dreaming Tree”, “Tripping Billies”, and “Two Step”; but don’t be surprised if the group throws in some classics from their inception days to please to the most hardcore original fans, like “The Song Jane Likes” or even (my all time favorite) “Warehouse”.

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Have a Blast this Summer!

With studios releasing their latest and the greatest motion pictures, summer is the perfect time to go to the movies. Those planning catching the new releases absolutely must try to save some money by looking for deals on sites like Daily Deal Superstore, where movies tickets or cinema food can be found for rock-bottom prices.

In addition to finding great discounts on movies, you’ll find deals on pretty much anything you can imagine. Lets face it, movies are great, but a majority of summer is spent enjoying the great outdoors or just plain having fun.

Summer thrill seekers can join each other for a 30-minute water jetpack ride, where they can fulfill their dreams of blasting off all in a safe atmosphere. These kinds of things are experienced by a select few, so get out there and try something new! Alternatively, competitive friends can try 6 laps in an authentic NASCAR Sprint Cup Car with this deal at Bristol Motor Speedway. See who’s really the fastest driver in a secure environment all while really letting loose – since students are not required to follow a pace car, you’ll enjoy unprecedented, supercharged freedom.

If things are getting too hot and happen to be in Knoxville, you can find coupons offering ice skating with a friend for half-price. This deal is offers a great opportunity for friends to have a fun time or couples to bond in a comfortable atmosphere. If you plan on bringing your significant other, consider Dining & Nightlife deals in Knoxville and grab dinner after you skate. There are plenty of restaurants offering meals for half-price, so pick one and go. If you plan ahead, you might even find yourself going on twice as many dates.

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Enjoy Orlando Right

Find the best deals Orlando has to offer! (Photo by Michael Adams)

Find the best deals Orlando has to offer! (Photo by Michael Adams)

A major city in the central region of Florida, Orlando is host to the theme parks of Walt Disney and Universal Studios. Until Walt Disney came along, Orlando and Orange County originally was the center of a major citrus-growing region, and by the late 1890s was Florida’s largest inland city. Orlando is now a World City, heavily urbanized with various industries. The area is a major tourist destination and is the home of Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld Orlando. Additionally, Lake Buena Vista, Florida is located 21 miles southwest of downtown Orlando and is the home of Walt Disney World. These attractions form the backbone of Orlando’s tourism industry, making it the most visited city of 2009.

Given the large concentration of visitors, Orlando offers an endless variety of lodging, dining and entertainment options in the areas that surround those resorts, including The International Drive Area. Shopping is a major attraction with great shops to be found nearly everywhere. Be sure to look for deals on shopping, like this coupon for discounted merchandise at Avalon Park Jewelers. Other resorts and attractions are located throughout nearby Kissimmee as well. Orlando also has a vibrant, newly modernized downtown area, with many condos and apartments and local residential areas. It has its own nightlife and extensive dining choices and is the home of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. To really take advantage of what the city has to offer, look for deals on Dining & Nightlife in Orlando.

Winter Park, which lies just west of the downtown areas, is older, stately and home cultural and educational venues. Other areas to note are UCF, home of The University of Central Florida and Lake Mary, each offering a full array of national brand dining and lodging options, along with a number of independent operators.

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Cool Deals in Philly

Find the best deals in Philly!  (Photo by Airtuna08)

Find the best deals in Philly!
(Photo by Airtuna08)

Affectionately known as Philly or the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia is the fifth most populous city in the US. The capital of Pennsylvania is one of the most historical cities in America, Philadelphia has a lot to offer to its residents and visitors. Best of all, sites like Daily Deal Superstore have great offers, discounts, and daily deals in Philadelphia, through websites like Living Social, Groupon, Gilt City, and more.

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With deal sites you can find discounts, offers, and deal coupons for any place in Philadelphia including areas like Washington Square West, South Street, and Center City. So whether you wish to buy tickets to the museum, catch a local game, or view the festivals held at Penn’s Landing, look around for great deals.

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Saving with Daily Deals

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Pet care is another area into which people funnel a ton of money. For instance, if you go out of town for a week, expect to spend several hundred dollars on pet boarding. That money is well spent if you know that your pet is in good hands, but quality pet care can be had for a lot less. Deal sites offer great options for dog boarding like this coupon on a pet resort. Here you can have your companion boarded and groomed for a low price.

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Deals and Events this Summer

This summer has been host to major sporting events from the UEFA Champions League Final in May to the start of baseball season to the Gold Cup, currently underway. With so many opportunities to get out and catch a game, why not save money in the process? This is where deal sites like Daily Deal Superstore come in and save the day.

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