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  • What is Daily Deal Superstore?

    The Daily Deals phenomenon has seen a meteoric growth, with companies like Groupon, Gilt City, Living Social and KGB becoming household names. It is easy to see why these companies are so popular. Who can resist 50% or more off your favorite goods and services? And this craze has now gone global, with new deal companies springing up in many countries with millions of members worldwide. 

    With the abundance of deals being offered, nobody wants to miss out on a great deal. But it is difficult to keep on top of all the different deal sites available and our email inboxes become clogged with the volume of deal alerts we receive every day! And it can be frustrating when these emails contain offers that don’t match our personal interests. If you sign up for more than one city – the problem is multiplied! 

    Wouldn’t it be great to get one focused email with only the deals you want in all your cities?

    This is what Daily Deal Superstore does!  

    • We bring together hundreds of deal companies and thousands of deals every day
    • You can find deals in over 10,000 cities worldwide with more than 8,000 in the US
    • We sort the deals into categories so you can find what you want – such as Dining & Nightlife, Health & Wellbeing, Kids, etc
    • You can choose the cities you want and the types of deals you prefer at a local, national or international level 
    • When you join we create a Personal Preferences area, where you can see and edit your cities, interests and preferred deals
    • We even let you choose how often you want to get your Deal Alert emails
    • When you see a deal you like, we let you read all about it before decide to buy. Then we link you directly to the deal company’s deal page to complete your purchase. Easy!

    Share with friends and earn rewards for yourself...

    We want you to share the good news and spread the word to your friends, so we have come up with an amazing Ca$hare program which allows you to earn Reward Points every time your friends buy through Daily Deal Superstore. Find out how it works...

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