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  • Daily Deal Superstore for Deal Companies

    Imagine Group has a unique approach to promoting Daily Deals.

    Via our Daily Deal Superstore deal aggregation site

    • In 900 cities worldwide
    • With Access to millions of opt-in users via our partners
    • Expertise in optimization

    Via our Imagine sports and interests platforms

    • Imagine Sports our is a social networking and content platform for multiple sports
      • We have 11 sports sites and will promote specific deals to each specific sport – golf deals to golfers, etc
    • Imagine verticals is a social networking and content platform for interests and hobbies
      • We have 8 interest specific sites, ranging from pets to health, and will promote interest-specific deals to each interest / hobby – pet deals to pet owners, etc

    If you are a deal company and are interested in having your deals promoted through our network please use our contact form to apply.


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