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    We're proud to announce our latest addition to our daily deals platform, the Daily Deal SuperStore Facebook App. The app helps you find deals that are most relevant to you and your friends by utilizing facebook data to offer recommendations based on your profile, location likes and interests.

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    The App Puts YOU in Control

    The Daily Deal SuperStore App combines search results for all your favorite deal providers like Groupon, Half Off Depot and more! Based on your location and interests, the app suggests deals that we think are relevant to you and your friends. By combining available offers with the Social Graph, we are able to show you deals near you without the need for searching through several sites to compare what's offered. This means you'll not only be saving money, but saving time as well!

    Earn Rewards for Sharing

    When you share a deal through the app, a special link to that deal is created just for you. When your friends purchase the deal, you earn points redeemable for rewards at some of your favorite shops. Once you've collected enough points, simply redeem them for gift cards that you can use online or in stores.

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