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    Photo of Alberta Skyline AB

    Rising up over the flat farmland of south-central Alberta, and in view of the Canadian Rockies to the west, Calgary is an Oasis before the prairies that spread out east for over 1,500 kilometres.

    With almost a million people now living in the metropolitan area, Calgary has made a firm place for itself in Canada's economy; home to hundreds of oil companies, the Calgary Stampede, which is one of Canada's biggest, and most interesting annual events, and still is the national centre for cattle trade.

    Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains are only 120km away and with the wide selection of visitor attractions, events and year-round activities within the city, Calgary is a popular tourist destination amongst Canadians and also attracts tourists from around the world. With all this to choose from, a deal shopper will have a field day deciding what to do first.

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